At Chris Grant Racing, we are lucky to be supported by hardworking staff who all work together alongside Chris as a team using their knowledge and expertise to help each other bring out the best in every horse either while riding out or providing the high levels of care needed for each horse to reach and maintain their full potential.

We also have a team of top professional Vets, Physio, Blacksmith, Dentist & Feed nutritionist that are called on to provide specialist treatments & information when and as needed to keep the horses at the top of their game.

Chris Grant – Trainer – Started: Nov 1996

Sue Grant – Assistant Trainer – Started: Nov 1996

Tracie Rennie – Yard Manager/Racing Groom – Started: Aug 2004

Lee Innes – Work Rider – Started: Oct 2011

Mark Parnaby – Yard Manager/Racing Groom – Started September 2018

Sarah Bamford – Yard Manager/Racing Groom – Started September 2018

Jodie Hand – Work Rider/Racing Groom – Started August 2022

Erin Halpin – Work Rider/Racing – Started August 2023

Alannah Hodgson – Work Rider/Racing Groom – Started January 2024

Vet/Back Specialist – John Patterson MRCVS

John has treated our horses since we started training. He has a great understanding of the anatomy and workings of a horse this enables him to manipulate a sore misaligned muscle or trapped nerve not just in the back but basically in any part of the horse, giving the horse immediate relief and improved performance, also helping prevent further injury, and enhancing mobility and suppleness. When problems can be detected early it prevents them from turning into a serious issue. Johns skills are a major asset to our yard.

Vets – Hambleton Equine Clinic

Caroline Blakiston BSc BVM&S MRCVS is one of the Directors of Hambleton Equine Clinic who visits us weekly to check our horses, knowing them all, she is able to advice us on treatments & medicate any ailments they may have as & when needed stopping problems before they get serious. Based just over 15 miles from us Hambleton Equine Clinic & their top equine vets have the only purpose-built equine veterinary clinic in North Yorkshire and provide a full range of services. They operate from a purpose-built clinic boasting state of the art diagnostic, clinical and in-patient facilities, this enables their team of specialist vets, surgeons, nurses and support staff to provide dedicated care for all our horses when needed.

Farrier – James Bentham

James is our farrier and is paramount to the team.

There is an old saying among horsemen - No Hoof, No Horse, and this still stands true.

Shoeing is a science, and the main goal is to protect and balance the hoof and fit the shoe properly to maintain soundness for optimal performance. James visits the yard once or twice a week and as needed to keep on top of all the horses shoeing needs. 

Dentist – Ben Woodhouse

Ben looks after our horses teeth. It is important to examine horses’ teeth regularly and to correct disorders early in their development, if a horse has problems with their teeth the whole training schedule is affected. Dental disorders may cause problems in eating and/or performance. Keeping the horses teeth in good order means we don’t need to solve these problems, as we are preventing them from starting.

GAIN Equine – Our Expert Nutritionist Team

Our horses are fed on GAIN horse feed. Nutrition and quality are the cornerstones on which GAIN Equine Nutrition has been built, with their special team of nutritionists, production, quality control, business managers and research and development. They have over 25 years experience in producing equine feeds to cater for our horses. They constantly strive to incorporate the latest scientific research into their production techniques and product formulations to ensure that we are getting the best possible feed for our horses.